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ROOTS After School is a the next step in developing strong relationships with nature, our peers, and our community!  This project-based program provides a small group of elementary students with the highest level of safety, quality, and engagement and a balance of after-school play in nature and hands-on community service projects.  As with all Wilderplay and Childhood In Nature Foundation programs, our philosophies are delivered through an experiential curriculum and a focus on relationships. 

This program strives to realize all of the benefits of nurturing kids’ community roots while advocating for nature-focused initiatives.  Examples of future projects might include assisting residents who need help with lawn projects, helping to care for downtown plantings, and leading small-scale gardening projects.  Our intent is to partner with city and township government, organizations, and businesses to provide the kind of active participation that builds a sense of civic belonging.  


Little Free *NATURE* Library


Students will engage in a 10-week project to plan, build, and install a Little Free *Nature* Library in their community!


This project involves students in all of the aspects of a community service project from beginning to end including working with government officials, creating a budget, fundraising, volunteerism, and problem solving as a group.


At the end of the fall session project a launch event will be hosted by the group with family, city leadership, and media present.  


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