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Our Headquarters


Wilderplay headquarters are tucked away in the north woods of Michigan.  The forest, meadows, and streams surrounding our headquarters have inspired the first children of Wilderplay to thrive and grow with deep connections to nature.

We fully experience all four seasons in Michigan, from bitter, snow-buried winters and sloppy springs to breezy autumns and scorching summer days.  The all-weather premise of Wilderplay has been tested on the full spectrum of weather conditions experienced on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Our Founder

lisa fun headshot_edited.jpg

This is Lisa right here, taking a break from training teachers to enjoy the important things in life!

Lisa Burgess Cooper founded Wilderplay in order to help bring the joy and benefit of a childhood in nature to her youngest friends and neighbors.  Twenty years of work in education and child development have taught Lisa to trust and respect best practice, authentic relationships, and strong connections to nature.

Lisa holds a Bachelor degree in science and elementary education, a Master's degree in early childhood education, UK forest school credentials, and a nature-based teaching certification.

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