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daily routine

Wilderplay is an emergent curriculum that facilitates learning through engagement, experiences, and exploration across the natural cycle of the year, season, study, and day.  Wilderplay teachers facilitate relationship-based development by assisting, supporting, and observing children as they learn and grow.


Our daily cycle includes a predictable but flexible routine built to promote psychological safety and meet physical and emotional needs.  Our studies carry us through the cycle of learning as skills across all developmental domains emerge, develop, and while we achieve the objectives of each study.  The cycle of each season presents us with rich and novel learning environments in woods, meadows, and wetlands.  As we cycle through the year, we build lasting relationships with our teachers and peers while forming strong connections to nature.

A full-day preschool program incorporates core routines following the natural cycle of the day.

Sample Routine*

9:00:  Arrival Rituals & Opening Circle

9:15:  Packing/Potty/Dressing for Outdoors

9:30:  Morning Outdoor Adventures
10:45:  Unpacking/Undressing/Potty 

11:00:  Packed Lunch/Story

11:30:  Quiet Resting

12:15:  Waking/Packing/Potty/Dressing

12:30:  Afternoon Outdoor Adventures

1:30:  Unpacking/Undressing/Potty

1:45: Closing Circle

2:00:  Departures 

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