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Family Nature Clubs

Wilderplay Family Nature Clubs pop up in municipal, state, and federal parks and on the private property of friends and neighbors.  Wilderplay teachers carefully design family adventures into the wilderness including expeditions, hikes, and other open-ended play opportunities in diverse outdoor classrooms.


Families meet up in intentionally designed outdoor classrooms where a gathering area,

play provocations, and natural materials invite children to explore.


Each Wilderplay Family Nature Club experience begins with a familiar song,

beckoning children and their families to join the group under the trees.  


Wilderplay teachers are trained to be artful storytellers, using oral language as a means of passing along knowledge and inspiration.  They ignite the imagination through whimsical tales of the natural world.


Every session includes an abundance of time for unstructured exploration and play in the great outdoors, an important element missing from the lives of so many families.  The shared experience of nature play bring neighbors together, creating a community of families and friendships that last a lifetime.

A Natural Girl
unstructured play
children who develop strong connections to nature grow up to be stewards of the earth.  wilderplay family nature clubs help to inspire a whole new generation to love and protect our environment.
Kids Blowing Bubbles

Launch Your Own
Wilderplay Program!

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