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This is her story.

My Grandpa Ralph was 14 months old in 1932 when his mother Evangeline died.  He didn't remember her. He didn't seem to know of the baby sister who was born to her days before her death.  He must have never been told that she had died, too.


It was long so ago, but I have a special place in my soul for the women who came before me and I have carried Evangeline's questions with me for many years.  When I discovered that her grave was left unmarked, I vowed to place a gravestone there.  

Whatever she did, thought, said, grieved, shared, celebrated, and created, Evangeline is remembered now only in the bodies of decedents who never knew her.  I'm placing her story here while I work to place her name on her grave with the hope that the memory of her will last just a bit longer.

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Evangeline Walker was born on November 3, 1900 in Holland, Michigan to Frank and Grace (Bennet Haynes) Walker.  Frank was born in Missouri.  Grace was born in Michigan and had lost her parents, Robert and Harriet Bennet, to an accident on Lake Michigan in 1894.  She was adopted by John and Lucretia (Johnson) Haynes.  Grace and Frank married on January 31, 1900 in Allegan, Michigan.

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By May of 1910 Eva is living with her mother Gracie at her Aunt Harriet (Bennet Walters) and Uncle Theodore Hall's home in Allegan, Michigan.  On July 26 of that year, Gracie filed for divorce citing "desertion and non-support."  Frank did not contest.  On December 27th of that year the divorce was granted.

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